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Thoughts from me to you:
Do you identify yourself with the form you wear and with the name that’s on your ID card and that once is going to be written on your tomb as well? Have you actually realized that in this world everything is just temporary? If you think that you stop existing forever after you lose your form (aka body) why do you even wake up every morning, and then for who or for what are you exerting yourself and keep struggling every single day? Do you think that losing your body equals to the end of your existance? Do you wear disguises in front of others in order to make them think what you want them to think about you? How many disguises do you wear? Are there lots of things that you do only to impress others? Do you even remember who is the real you or you’re too scared to take off all of these masks you put on? Are you aware of the obivous fact that there is no physical thing that you can take with you after your time ends here? If you think that losing your form will not end your existance what do you think you will take with you? By answering all of these questions, can you define who you are exactly? Do you know where you are heading? Are you present in your life?